What To Expect At A Meeting

We hope that every visitor will find LRG a welcoming, warm and respectful environment.

Beyond that we like to share, pray, have a bible focused recovery talk, eat, drink coffee, worship and have occasional socials and specials.

There is time for laughter, tears, a little irreverence and hopefully a safe enough space for people to ask questions, express feelings appropriately, feel listened to and hopefully feel valued.

We try and make it an ego-free zone... our goal is that no one dominates the group and that everyone feels able to engage each week in a way that is comfortable for them.

A ‘normal’ group session includes with a refreshments, welcome, news updates from people, a talk or discussion on a Christian recovery theme, sharing and prayer – but each group will have their own particular emphasis and style.

If you are a bit nervous about just turning up then you can call the LRG contact number for your group and arrange to meet up with a leader before group starts so that when you do arrive you will know at least one friendly face.

For more information about the Easton, Knowle or Southmead Groups, click the links.